West Side Story was performed in 2015 at The Riley Smith Hall in Leeds . 

West Side Story, based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, is set in 1950s Post War America that looks at the lives of two rival gangs of young people, the sharks who are immigrants from Puerto Rico and the Jets who are home grown Americans. The musical has a number of classic songs such as “Tonight” and comical numbers such as “Gee, Officer Krupke.” The social issues the piece addresses surrounding young people and issues of segregation for example, with the current migration crisis around Europe bodes the question. How far have we actually come in the 50 years since this was first written? 


Producer                                     Benjamin Landman

Choreographers                         Jenny Halliday

                                                     Yasmine Raif

Musical Director                          Freya Parr

Assistant Producer                     Greg Morris

Assistant Director                       Amy Gardener

Assistant Musical Director         James Greg


Tony                                             Rob Heffer
Maria                                            Sarah Marr


Anita                                             Josie White

Riff                                                Maximillian Woodall 

Bernardo                                      Benji Landman


Action                                           Lindsay Fransman 

Chino                                            Greg Morris

A-Rab                                            Lukas Evans-Jones

Baby John                                    Piers Cottee-Jones

Anybodys                                     Thea Young

Pepe                                             Zac Cohen

Graziella                                       Hannah Barnetson

Velma                                           Isobel Taylor-Herbert 

Doc                                               Samuel Codd

Shrank                                          Elliot Matthews

Krupke                                          Michael Smith

Swing/Gladhand                          Sophie Roberts


Ensemble: Rufus Rose, Jordan Steel, Jack Howe, Sarah Binns, Clara Coslett, Josie Leadbetter, Jessica Price, Jenny Halliday, Catherine Snow, Daniel Jiang, Reynaldo Jr Santos, Michael Ahomka-Lindsay,  Yasmine Raif, India Plummer, Steph Plunkett, Hannah Turner, Emma Hooker, Laura Bithell, Hannah Colthup, Becky Lyle, Gina Lax, Molly Greig