Barbaric & Wild



Barbaric and Wild was an immersive theatre experience, created in association with the University of Leeds' School of Performance and Cultural Industries. This was a collaborative project which was created as company with David Shearing and Adam Strickson.

The journey commences at dusk, are you ready to let go of the life you know and enter a world of new beginnings? As night falls, be careful not to lose your way, its so easy for the innocent to be corrupted. With every darkness there is a light; but remember there are forces stronger than mankind. As dawn rises there is always a new beginning.


Producers                                            Zosh Skowronska

                                                             Bethan Lodge

Designers                                            Bobby Bates

                                                             Roz Chomacki

Lighting Designer                               Phil Jones

Sound Designer                                  Robert Von Ippolito


Zosh Skowronska, Jessica Williams, Charlotte Murray, Bethan Lodge, Caitlin Wall, Cal Douglas, Chloe Olivia, Chloe Vilarrubi, Ben Green, Sophia Bernal, Eliza Bratley, Gemma Grace, Katie Edgar, Jenny Gibson, Heather Allan, Tanner Oertel, Lucy Prevezer, Iona Louise, Talia Gellman